Licensing Group

BDG’s Licensing Division shall be launched in January 2017, as an Independent Group devoted exclusively to the securement, management and development of intellectual properties. This Division will be for individuals and companies participating in the Sports and Entertainment Industries on the worldwide stage.

The Group shall operate as a separate business unit, focusing on securing licenses and/or Brand Ambassadorships from key categories in different industries, thereby, forging a unique 360-degree multidimensional approach on branding to enhance the client’s ‘name/image’ value.

The Groups Licensing Division shall maintain offices in New York, Houston, Texas and California, as well as, developing synergistic relationships with well-established networks of advertising and public relations’ firms in order to further serve its clients’ worldwide value.

The Group shall develop and implement creative, long-term programs for its clients with a cutting-edge approach in each appropriate category. This shall be accomplished by enhancing exposure and promotional benefits for those clients, as well as, to maximize financial return to all concerned.

The Group believes that the success of every licensing program is in ‘the marriage of the client’ to the right product or service. The Group embraces a long-term not a short-term opportunistic approach. Brand Ambassador endorsements are a proven Brand extension marketing tool… especially for today’s aggressive industry disrupters.
The Group is managed by a state-of-the-art Entrepreneurial Executive Team, with 30+ years of experience in all aspects of licensing and social media promotion, from both sides of the aisle, in consumer products, manufacturing and TV production.