Buzz Jacobs
Advisory Board Member
Buzz Jacobs uses national level political and policy experience to help clients achieve their strategic, communications, and marketing goals. He is a Republican ad maker, strategist, presidential campaign veteran, former White House staff member, and Co-Founder of the Strategic Storytelling Company (SSC).
Buzz was a member of President George W. Bush’s Homeland Security Council (HSC) staff: while at the White House, he played a leading role in efforts to deploy National Guard troops to the Southwest Border during Operation Jump Start. Additionally, during his tenure at the White House, Jacobs helped manage Bush Administration policies on aviation and transportation security as the Associate Director of Border and Transportation Security.
Buzz also served at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), where he worked to enhance the FBI’s abilities to fight cybercrime and espionage, better allocate scarce resources through strategic planning, and reengineer the FBI after 9/11.
Buzz has been interviewed by Fox News, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other leading publications throughout America. He has participated in numerous radio and television interviews nationwide. The Daily Caller and National Review Online have published his work.